Robot Iron lamp Alfa romeo Giulietta first series Year 1959

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Unique and rare piece.

"From the old comes the new" is one of our main values.

Unusual and original materials are transformed in our hands into furnishing accessories that strike for their originality and fascinate for their liveliness.
The encounter with our products is always a sensory experience, this time we transform it into a vintage experience with a robotic touch.

At the Turin motor show in 1955, Alfa Romeo presented the Giulietta , the car that was to represent the definitive comeback. And success came. Almost 132,000 were built at the Portello plant in Milan, impressive production numbers for the time. This car appears on the cover of issue 1 of Quattroruote magazine .

Never before had such a powerful car been seen, but one that was also fuel efficient, with exceptional braking and a large boot offered at an all in all, affordable price. The Giulietta "berlina" shared the mechanics of the splendid and streamlined Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint coupe presented to the public exactly one year earlier in 1954

This time we have recovered a highly sought-after NEW "ex stock" original speedometer from the manufacturer " Veglia - Borletti " of an Alfa Romeo Giulietta year 1959, placing it on a metal section creating a unique and rare piece of vintage furniture that stands out from the others for its " touch " ignition.

With 3 different levels of intensity, to be adjusted according to the needs of your moments, to make it more beautiful we use a 2-meter cotton-coated electric wire highlighted in the photo and a dimmable decorative bulb included.


Bulb included Height 40 cm, Maximum width 40 cm.
Choose to light up in an original way with Wanos Wood&Design.

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