Extendable design table in solid debarked chestnut wood on a matt white metal base

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Wonderful and imposing, the new table is a piece of furniture of great impact hand-built by our craftsmen.

The solid chestnut wood table is handcrafted by coupling boards in real solid chestnut wood seasoned over 10 years with a thickness of 52-56mm.

A detail that makes this beautiful table unique and inimitable is its cut trunk left natural: rustic wavy edge with raw cut with exposed bark.

The large boards are coupled together creating a unique surface of its kind, the natural finish of the solid chestnut wood with veins and cracks filled with transparent epoxy resin, give warmth and bring to life the natural imperfections of the wood which for us are classified as a virtue.

It took hours of work to create a truly one-of-a-kind table able to last over time in full respect of nature, with a unique and original design.

Table Features:

  • Wood thickness 5 cm
  • Metal measures 8x8cm

The table is a unique and rare piece that creates a unique atmosphere in your home.

The table top rests on an iron structure, resistant with a square shape in order to guarantee stability to the whole table.

In the package of the top, you will find the kit including the socket wrench for the correct installation of the underlying structure.

Upon request, it is possible to install side extensions of a maximum of 50 cm per side, making your table welcoming and comfortable on the most appropriate occasions.

Delivery times 15 days from the order.

Shipping is carried out by insured express courier in Italy 48H, in Europe 96H.

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