Can holder in artisanal wood W-Cans


We have recovered some old cans and we created a unique furnishing accessory, with a hardwood structure.

Thanks to the hook on their back, it’s possible to hang them on the wall, or you can place them wherever you want.

Choose the right design by Wanos to furnish your home.


Recovering some old jars, we created a unique furnishing accessory with a hardwood structure, of which you can choose the color variant that you prefer. We have added a hook on the back so that you can place them on the wall or you can lay them where you want. Furnish your home in a unique and inimitable way with Wanos.

Peso 10 kg
Dimensioni 14 × 2 × 22 cm

White, Black, Wood, Green, Celeste, Yellow, Orange, Gray, Blue, Red, Red, Lilac


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