Designer table lamp Man Wood

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Table lamp completely made in chestnut hardwood, modern design, ideal to be placed on your partner’s bedside table to personalize the room making it unique in its genre.

The decorative filament lamp gives off a warm and harmonious light that is suitable for reading.

Choose the right 2.0 design by Wanos Wood&Design


Our artisans went all in with originality and imagination, giving a man shape to a chestnut hardwood section, you can also choose to make a man-woman couple, or simply two men to make an original gift. Ideal for the bedside table, illuminate with style your bedroom or your partner’s to make the room unique and personalized.

The creation is completed with an aluminum lamp holder with a ceramic inside. The lamps used in the image are just for display and aren’t included in the price. Choose Wanos to illuminate your home, office or place.

Peso 1 kg
Dimensioni 5 × 30 cm
Lampadina Decorativa