Flat top in hardwood for table-desk


Flat top in hardwood, hand crafted by our artisans, we can make it with custom dimensions. In this offer we show you a top in ash tree hardwood, made with paired boards to reach the desired size.

A special trim treatment gives makes this wooden top sturdy and it fits perfectly to a public environment, the matte resin finish protects the wood in an optimal and complete way.

Choose the right design to furnish your home with Wanos 2.0

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Flat top in hardwood, handcrafted by our artisans, we present an ash tree hardwood top made with paired boards until we reached the right dimension. A special trim treatment makes this top strong and durable, it protects it from the possible contact with water or other liquids and this way it’s versatile perfectly adapting even to a public place, the matte resinated finish protects the wood in an optimal and total way. Choose Wanos and furnish your spaces with style.

Peso 40 kg
Dimensioni 100 × 40 × 5 cm


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