Sink top in debarked resin hardwood


Thanks to the precious work of our artisans, we created a unique and inimitable sink top.

We can make it custom-made. In this offer we show a top in chestnut hardwood with a 55-60mm thickness, made with coupled boards to reach the desired length.

A resin finish treatment makes this hardwood top perfect to make your rooms unique.

Choose the right design for your home by Wanos.

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To give your bathroom a high design and to have a unique and a sought after piece, we created this sink top entirely by hand with chestnut tree with a resin finish, made with paired boards to reach the desired size. It stands out for its natural beauty and for the characteristic cut in the front part that was debarked and covered with resin, to make sure that the contact with water and other liquids will not ruin the surface. Choose Wanos to make your bathroom unique.

Peso 40 kg
Dimensioni 100 × 45 × 6 cm


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