Table lamp in chestnut hardwood in a vintage trim


We recovered the heart of a chestnut hardwood destined to become firewood, and after working on it completely by hand, we have built a fantastic furnishing accessory.

You can notice the vintage lamp holder that’s entirely in ceramic, On-Off installed on the trunk section, 200cm vintage cable fully covered with cotton and a designer lamp included in the price.

Chose the right design by Wanos 2.0.

Estimated shipping date: 25/11/2019

Recovering the heart of a chestnut hardwood, destined to become firewood, after treating it with non-toxic materials and working on it entirely by hand, this beautiful simple but original table lamp was born. You can note a  vintage lamp holder entirely in ceramic, an On-Off switch installed on the trunk section, a 200cm vintage cable that’s entirely covered in cotton. The light bulbs used in the image are only for exposition and aren’t included in the sale price. Choose Wanos to illuminate your home, office or place.

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions20 × 12 × 5 cm


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