Wall bottle holder in hardwood Hanging Wine

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The pleasure of tasting a glass of wine, in a wine shop like at home, also goes through the furniture accessories to store it, made with recovered wood from old farmsteads or old pallets, that after their life cycle were destined to become firewood, it is designed for private cellars or professional tasting spaces, it’s a wine rack with a sophisticated design that welcomes the bottles with style and elegance, guaranteeing the maximum visibility of the label, combined with the practicality of the glass holders.

Capacity of the 50×30 Bottle Holder 5 Bottles 4 Chalices

Capacity of the 70×30 Bottle Holder 7 Bottles 6 Chalices

Capacity of the 100×30 Bottle Holder 10 Bottles 9 Chalices

Capacity of the 120×30 Bottle Holder 12 Bottles 11 Chalices

Capacity of the 150×30 Bottle Holder 15 Bottles 14 Chalices

Dedicated to those who love wood and its uniqueness.


Furnishing the living area is a bit like renewing your wardrobe: every element, starting from the main furniture to the small accessories, must be chosen with care and consistency, so that it will fully reflect your personality and style. Because, in the end, matching the right small living room tables to the sofa and to the armchair is similar to matching the shoes with the dress. Comfortable and useful, the coffee tables let you have everything at your fingertips while we are comfortably seated on the sofa, you could choose this wooden table, with a contemporary design made in recovered wood. The wooden coffee tables have no limits and they guarantee you the maximum freedom of choice because of the versatility of the wood, they can be placed anywhere, placed on an empty wall to “fill” it, in a empty corner, next to a sofa as a table top, in a simple and essential way you will give a touch of originality by choosing Wanos.

Peso 10 kg
Dimensioni 100 × 13 × 30 cm

Shabby chic white style, Black shabby chic style, Dark Walnut wood, Shabby chic green style, Celeste style shabby chic, Shabby chic yellow style, Shabby chic style gray, Blue, Red shabby chic style Lilac shabby chic style, Light Walnut Wood

Lavagna Frontale



50cm, 70cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm


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