Table with solid chestnut wood top on metal structure

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The solid chestnut wood table is handcrafted by coupling boards in real solid chestnut wood seasoned over 10 years with a thickness of 50-55mm.

Wonderful and imposing, the new table is a piece of furniture of great impact hand-built by our craftsmen.
A detail that makes this beautiful table unique and inimitable is its cut trunk left natural: rustic wavy edge with raw cut with exposed bark.

Floor Features:

  • Solid chestnut wood 50-55 mm thick

Metal features :

  • Tubular iron 8x8cm matt black

The large planks are joined together creating a surface full of cracks filled with transparent epoxy resin, fissures and natural veins highlighted by the natural color of the solid wood.

It took hours of work to create a truly one-of-a-kind table able to last over time in full respect of nature, with a unique and original design.
The table top rests on two sturdy and resistant X-shaped legs in order to guarantee stability to the whole matt black table.
They are made of iron and are treated with a transparent powder coating to prevent rust from forming over time.
Being an artisan laboratory, Wanos can make the table in any length and customization, just contact us by phone or write to us at

The table is a unique and rare piece that creates a unique atmosphere in your home.

Stand out with style and decorate your home in a unique way by Wanos.