Design shelves made of solid chestnut wood on a metal structure


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It is very important to take care of the smallest details because they are the ones that make the difference between a well-kept place and another chic one.

For a simple and genuine beauty created by the craftsmanship of a manual work capable of creating small works of art.

A splendid shelf in aged solid chestnut wood of the highest quality with a thickness of 25 mm , naturally seasoned for over twenty years.

The metal is powder coated in matt black.

The metal bracket for correct installation is included in the sale price.

The natural finish of solid chestnut wood may have grains and cracks which will be healed with clear epoxy resin, they give warmth and bring to life the natural imperfections of the wood which we consider to be a quality.

All our shelves are protected by colorless water -repellent and scratch-resistant paint.

Our shelves have a MATT finish.

Included in the sale price you will find the hardware for correct installation inside the package.

Processing times 10 working days.