Design countertop or wall mirror with frame in debarked solid chestnut wood and metal


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Single piece!

Veins that gather like waves, knots that dissolve in spirals, how many drawings can be read and how many shapes can be born from the wood.

The encounter with our products is always a sensory experience.

For a simple and genuine beauty, our craftsmen have created this splendid floor or wall mirror that will make the difference, creating a chic and elegant environment, using the heart a noble chestnut wood with its unmistakable shape and its extraordinary colors.

All our wood is naturally seasoned for over 30 years, it took hours of work to create a truly unique mirror of its kind that can last over time in full respect of nature, with a unique and original design.

The mirror can be installed on the ground or on the wall both horizontally and vertically thanks to the predisposition made on the back, the size is 200x100 cm.

Frame width 20cm

The same will be packed in a safe and accurate way, to repair it from any bumps and damages, our staff will create a 15mm thick wooden box with bubble wrap and industrial polystyrene.


Mirror yourself with style and decorate your home in a unique and inimitable way by Wanos.