Design floor or wall mirror with aged chestnut solid wood frame


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Splendid floor or wall mirror made with an aged solid chestnut wood frame.

Imposing mirror given the width of the frame of 15 cm , which enhances and gives particular importance to a piece of furniture present in any environment, the same has the predisposition to be installed on the wall both vertically and horizontally, the thickness of the frame is 5cm.

The aged solid wood frame is treated with a protective matt water-repellent varnish.
Ideal to be installed in the Living area, where thanks to its centuries-old wood it will give the right style to your environment.

Each piece is one of a kind, given the aged wood the same may have slight lesions, deficiencies and irregularities for all a defect, for us it is History as a result Unique and inimitable design in its genre and style.

The mirror will be shipped in a protective wooden crate, padded with industrial styrofoam and prubiball.

Upon request, we can make the mirror in any size, by writing to

Processing times 10 working days.

Furnish your home in a unique and inimitable way by Wanos.