Design table lamp made with marine wood immersed in transparent resin.


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Defining the personality of a habitat means enriching the domestic structure with accessories that sparkle with particularity, and in a home that is sensitive to minimal design and that responds to the rules of the famous motto " less is more" the first rule is to play with spaces and the right lighting.

New creation for the Wanos staff, with a wooden axis worn out by the salt water of the Ionian Sea, after treating and working it our staff has given it new life making it a fantastic piece of furniture, immersed in transparent resin it gives life to a splendid design lamp that will illuminate your most beautiful moments in an impeccable and chic way.

The base of the lamp created with the resin is treated with non-toxic and water-repellent paint.

The fabric lampshade makes the lamp with a unique and inimitable design.

Illuminate your home with style with a unique piece by Wanos Wood&Design.