Design table lamp in wrought iron "Abat-Jour"


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abat jour

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Wrought iron lamps take on different and new shapes, offer drop light bulbs and illuminate spaces with an antique flavor in a modern key with vintage elegance.

Lighting is a key factor in defining the character of a room. In fact, it is very important to carefully weigh the direction and intensity of the lights, which have the power to highlight a certain piece of furniture or, on the contrary, to obscure it and make it fade into the background.

To bring out the ambiance of your room with style, we have created Abat-Jour, made entirely of wrought iron handcrafted by our craftsmen.

A vintage aluminum lamp holder with a 200 cm long red cotton-coated electric wire was installed on the industrial-style furnishing accessory.

The lamps used in the photos are included in the sale price.

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