Design chandelier in centuries-old olive tree with 8 light points.

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Wanos offers to illuminate you with style and define the personality of your habitat by enriching it with a domestic structure with accessories that sparkle with particularity.

A single axis that comes from the heart of an ancient olive tree trunk which with its unmistakable shape through 8 light points will give your home an extra touch of class, with cotton-coated wires and vintage aluminum lamp holder with E27 fitting, for a simple beauty that will make the difference.


Length 122-128cm

Width 35-40cm

Thickness 4cm

The chandelier is supplied with supports to be positioned on the ceiling and stop.

Included in the sale price we supply the black rosette which will be used to cover the electrical system between the ceiling and the chandelier.

The bulbs used in the photos are displays and are not included in the sale price.

Choose Wanos to illuminate your home with style.