Chandelier in solid chestnut wood with twelve light points

E27 light points:  

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Lamp cas-1

Wanos offers to illuminate you with style and define the personality of your habitat by enriching it with a domestic structure with accessories that sparkle with particularity.

A single plank of chestnut wood, this wood that differs in strength, durability and is elegant thanks to its natural color with particular veins. Solid chestnut wood naturally seasoned for over 20 years with irregular edges.

A chandelier that can be customized in size and light points, accompanied by decorative wires covered in cotton and a vintage aluminum lamp holder with ceramic interior with E27 hook .

The price includes the black rosette to be applied to the ceiling to hide the electric cables.

The lamps installed are on display and not included in the sale price.

Choose your chandelier to give light to your innovative home by Wanos Wood&Design.