Design floor lamp made of raw wood on a corten-effect iron structure.


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The Wanos staff is always on the lookout for unique pieces. We have created this splendid floor lamp by recovering wood on the beaches of the Ionian Sea.

This time we have recovered a wooden board worn out by the salt water of the Ionian Sea, after treating and working it we have given it new life making it a fantastic piece of furniture, naturally a unique piece as we have preserved the natural shape that the sea has given it donated.

The rope that embraces the branch makes the lamp with a unique and inimitable design, completing the creation with a vintage lamp holder finish with ON OFF.

We have placed the creation on a particular corten-effect iron structure, a versatile color with extraordinary structural and aesthetic properties, the typical rust color gives the material an effect that is not only aesthetic but also protective, made by our craftsmen ready to illuminate your home by creating a one of a kind environment.

Suitable for lighting and decorating the sitting room, living room, dining room, study, bedroom.

The lamp used in the photo is included in the sale price.

    • Height 185cm

  • Base 20x17cm
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