Vintage Iron-Wood industrial style wooden and iron bottle rack

Dark Walnut
Shabby chic white

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Our craftsmen propose a further different accessory for its peculiarity of mixing wood and iron, at home or in professional tasting places, it accompanies your glass of wine with the right design.

The bottle holder is made using reclaimed wood from old farmhouses or old pallets intended for firewood, for this particularity it is versatile for your customizations, we can make it in natural dark or bleached walnut wood.

It can occupy a very long wall or be hung in a small niche. It differs from the others in its iron rod which holds the bottles, leaving visibility to the wine labels combined with the practicality of the cup holders.

You decide how to make it and we'll get to work on your Vintage Iron-Wood bottle holder.

Bottle holder capacity:

50*30 cm 5 bottles - 4 goblets

100*30 cm 10 bottles - 9 goblets

Stand out with style and choose the right Wanos Wood&Design furniture.