Multi essence designer table made with sections of noble solid wood


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Every time you decide to buy an accessory for your home, you need to pay close attention to the small details that make the difference.

A wooden table, for example, is much loved and used for different reasons, it gives a touch of elegance and style making your room more spacious.

The top is made with noble solid wood planks, different essences including Oak, Chestnut, Elm, National Walnut, Rosewood, Canaletto Walnut, Olive tree and Olive Root with a thickness of 40 mm.

The table top rests on a resistant iron structure with a rectangular shape in order to guarantee stability to the whole table.

In the package of the top, you will find the kit including the socket wrench for the correct installation of the underlying structure.

Delivery times 30 days from the order.

Shipping is carried out by insured express courier in Italy 48 hours, in Europe 96 hours.

“The table is a versatile and useful piece of furniture both from a decorative and a practical point of view, we create it with style”