"Whale" furniture line "iron"


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New arrivals at Wanos, the hand of our expert craftsmen who model each single piece to transform it into a design object, using the materials that partly characterize the Wanos brand, iron, give life to maritime-inspired decorations and charming details unique.

Iron is a material far from our times and was the first type of steel to be discovered. It seems to have been obtained by chance, as a subspecies of copper. The working of iron is obtained by inserting iron ore into a rounded oven. Numerous accessories were shaped from this material with multiple finishes. Our finish took the shape of a whale, resulting in " whale " a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

To enrich every corner of your home, small details will be able to immediately create the right atmosphere, enveloping guests and friends in a familiar embrace, opt for an industrial-style decorative fish to brighten up your spaces with the right design by Wanos Wood&Design.